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Women from Russia

It's hard to describe Russia and its people in just a few words. It is a vast country characterized by many cultural influences. Russia is so expansive that it covers nine time zones from Saint Petersburg (near Finland) in the west to Vladivostok (near Korea) in the east. Until 2010, there were actually 11 time zones in the Russian Federation. But the number of time zones was reduced by former president Medvedev to ease business communication. Russia is a truly multi-ethnic society. Maybe it's this diversity that makes Russia and the Russians so fascinating. But is this also the reason why so many find Russian women fascinating?

Women from Russia are very conscious of their appearance. They feel comfortable in their role as women and do everything possible to be feminine and attractive. Women from Russia love their femininity. They want to be treated as ladies. They see themselves as the weaker sex and love a strong shoulder to lean on. Women from Russia do not see their sexual attractiveness as something of secondary importance. Feminism as it known in the Western world is less of a goal for most Russian women and is tersely dismissed with "I'm happy to be a woman!" Women from Russia are proud of their femininity and consider their sexual attractiveness to be something natural.

Family and a comfortable home are important to Russian women. Russian women enjoy spending time with their husbands and children. Her home is her little kingdom and she maintains it with love and devotion. Russian women are educated, intelligent and capable. They work hard for their career. Work is important for women in Russia and is a part of their self-esteem. Nevertheless, a Russian woman would never place a career over family. It is certainly expected that a man would take responsibility and provide for his family.

GenerationLove Dating Service for Russia

As an online dating service, we are also active in Russia. We make matches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Sochi* and other Russian cities. Russia is a large country and whether you choose to visit Volgograd, Vladivostok, Rostov or Kazan, a visit is always worthwhile. If you have the desire to meet singles from Russia, we will gladly help you find a partner in Russia.

*The Russian city of Sochi on the Black Sea was the site for the 2014 Winter Olympics. The International Olympic Committee voted for the city in the Caucasus 51:47 against the South Korean city of Pyeongchang during the voting in Guatemala. Salzburg had already bowed out in the first round. The result was announced by former IOC president Jacques Rogge at the meeting of the International Olympic Committee in Guatemala City.