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GenerationLove - I met a great woman on GenerationLove!

I met a great woman on GenerationLove and wanted to thank you for your good and transparent service! I would probably never have met Oksana without your support. At first I was on GenerationLove in correspondence with different women for about 3 months. At some point I decided not to just leave it at the exchange of letters. I wanted to meet four of my mail acquaintances personally. So I went to Ukraine. I was surprised by the beauty of the country and the friendly people. My first visit was to Oksana in Kharkov. We got on well immediately. Nevertheless, I also want to meet my other mail acquaintances. So I went to Elena in Poltava. But it turned out that we are too different, the chemistry wasn't right between us. Then I went to meet Irina and Elena from Mariupol. Both meetings were great and we got on well and I think we will keep in touch. But then my thoughts were more with Oksana. So I gave up planned site visits and went straight back to Kharkov, from where my flight went. I spent four nice days with Oksana. High praise also to the local agencies, the support was really excellent everywhere! And special thanks to the help of the translators! Keep up the good work!

Markus from Switzerland, August 2015

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