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Women receive support and advice from local dating services.
Reputable matchmaking
GenerationLove is the international dating service for discerning singles seeking lasting relationships. As a reputable dating service, GenerationLove has years of experience in making online matches between men and women. The service stands out between the vast number of online dating and hook-up sites by featuring high-quality client profiles. Our customer service team checks each profile to ensure that it is sincere and serious. Many happy couples have told us about their GenerationLove experiences and how they got to know and love each other thanks to GenerationLove.

GenerationLove's offers a transparent and honest dating service aimed at singles who want a lifelong partnership and a family. Our customers are part of the digital age who use the internet to maintain social contacts and meet interesting people, including their future life partners. We, too, believe that finding a life partner/spouse and having a family are among the most important things in life.

Our Mission

  • help singles find a partner
  • make matches based on values
  • help people find a partner for life
  • promote marriage and starting a family
  • provide support for cross-cultural relationships and love in a globalized world


More success finding a partner through local support

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GenerationLove has set itself the task of offering its customers good and reliable service. GenerationLove believes that the internet can be a great help in finding a partner, but it does also have its limitations, especially when it comes to sensitive issues such as friendship, dating, love and partnership. That's why GenerationLove works with local dating agencies in various cities. This way GenerationLove can offer women a protected and safe environment to find their life partner online. A local agency provides support to every woman searching for a partner on GenerationLove. The agency also confirms her identity with an ID or passport and providesr advice and protection while she searches online for her partner. GenerationLove maintains this quality by only working with selected local dating agencies. Each local dating service follows GenerationLove's rules. GenerationLove keeps in constant close contact with its partners to ensure a high measure of quality and reliability. Interested women and men have the opportunity to communicate online and get to know each other before deciding whether to meet in person.

With the support of our local partner agencies, we can provide you a wide range of services: advice on questions relating to dating, sending gifts and flowers, preparing for your first personal meeting, help and support during the first meeting.

Our Mission

We have made it our mission to provide our members the best possible support in finding the right partner. GenerationLove is a bridge connecting people, allowing women and men from Europe, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Austraila, Belarus, Armenie, Russia and many others to get to know each other and begin new friendships and relationships. GenerationLove is particularly focused on finding matches for men and women who place a high priority on starting a family.
Our society has changed dramatically in recent years, especially due to the internet. This digital revolution has brought many new and good opportunities. Unfortunately, the internet is not immune to scams. Online matchmaking and dating sites have not been spared from the impact of scamming. GenerationLove considers every case of internet fraud to be a criminal act and does not tolerate scams. We also reject all subscription scams, fakes and other tricks by dubious dating services. To ensure this, GenerationLove runs its own quality assurance checks and is in regular personal communication with our local partner offices.

Of course, there is no guarantee of success in finding a partner, but each new acquaintance is also another chance at a new relationship. The many testimonials we have received show just how successful we have been in our work.

The Company

The operator of GenerationLove is Sevastin Ltd. headquartered in Celle, Germany. The company specializes in computer and website technology and services and has many years of experience in the matchmaking sector.

You will find more information about the company here. Also learn more on our press page.

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