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Welcome To Our Affiliate Program!

Join our GenerationLove affiliate program and start earning money for every user you send to who makes payments. Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet today and offer blog and website owners a possibility to profit from recommandations. The GenerationLove Affiliate program is free to join and requires no technical knowledge. Just refer your bog and website visitors to GenerationLove is a popular online dating community for singles. We provide advertising material to help you promote GenerationLove successfully.

Become a GenerationLove Affiliate Partner

Within the framework of online marketing, GenerationLove offers an attractive affiliate program to interested website operators. Promote GenerationLove and earn money!

GenerationLove is a popular Online-Community for Singles. We have been successfully bringing people together for many years. Thousands have found new friendship and love.

All you need to do is to publish one of our promotional banners or a text link on your website. As soon as one of the members who came through your site decides to pay for a GenerationLove service, you will receive a commission from us.

Here is how it works

If you are interested in earning money as a GenerationLove advertising partner, please send your application including your website’s address to:

Cue: “Affiliate”

Please include a short description of both your website and yourself. As soon as we have checked and approved your application, we will offer you a range of promotional banners to publish on your website.

Business Co-Operations

We offer a co-operation to operators of high traffic websites and individuals who provide suitable services. If you are interested, please contact us at:


Cue: “Business Co-Operations”

Please include a short and relevant description of your services and how to contact you.


Please note that websites with these contents are excluded: pornography, violence, weapons, illegal contents, gambling, contents potentially harmful to young persons. Self-promotion and soliciting members of your own household are excluded. Violation of these guidelines can lead to exclusion from the GenerationLove “Affiliate Program” and loss of the commission.
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