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How to find the right Partner

The search for the perfect partner is an eternal love myth and a challenge for many singles.

The big difference between infatuation and love.

Everone wants a fulfilling relationship. But why am I still single? How do I find the right partner? Why can't I find a woman? Or why can't I find a man? Questions that many people deal with when dating and looking for new love.

The GenerationLove dating advice explains what truly makes a fulfilling relationship and what to consider when dating someone.

What is Love?

The search for the perfect partner is an eternal love myth and a challenge for many singles. There is a big difference between infatuation and true love. Often, it is not understood that love is more than just a great feeling. Those who are only looking for the next thrill, that good feeling, the butterflies in the stomach, will eventually be disappointed. Because feelings come and go. Feelings are not constant. To experience lasting and fulfilling love, you must be willing to open your heart to another person.

7 Golden Rules for Dating

You often witness your friends and colleagues dating the partner of their dreams, getting married, having children and buying a house. While so many people around you are in happy relationships, you are still alone and wonder why you can't seem to find your spouse.

You are not alone with this thought! Especially after years of being single, little success in dating or a painful breakup, many people wonder why it is so difficult to find their life partner. GenerationLove presents you with 7 golden rules for dating and what you should keep in mind in the search for true love.

1. Recognize Your Values and Goals

Few things shape our lives as much as choosing a life partner because a happy partnership is an essential part of a fulfilling life for most people. Whether married or in an open relationship, our own partner often means everything to us.

Before you embark on the search for a relationship, you should be clear about what kind of partnership you want. Are you looking for a committed relationship? Do you have a desire to have children? How important is privacy to you? Create a list of points that you find essential in a relationship to clarify your values and goals in a partnership. Only when you know what you truly want can you search for someone who shares your values.

2. Let go of Baggage from the Past

When you're thinking about the perfect partner or the perfect relationship, it's important to think neutrally and future-oriented. Have you just gone through a breakup or are you still thinking about your ex?

Even if you've had an emotional relationship or a painful breakup in the past, try to let go of it when you're looking for a new relationship. Whether it's memories of the beautiful moments with your ex or constant arguments, incorporating the baggage from our previous relationships into the search for a partner usually doesn't lead to a good outcome. Therefore, avoid comparing a new acquaintance to your ex and resist the temptation to replace a disappointed love with just anyone else. You will notice that you can trust a new encounter much more when you leave your thoughts about a disappointed past relationship behind you.

3. Strengthen Your Self-Worth

Learn to love yourself in order to be loved by others. Even though your partner may find your little beauty flaws, the extra weight, or your birthmarks endearing, you need to learn to love yourself in order to truly love. People who are unhappy and consider themselves unlovable also have difficulties believing in the love of another person.

Most men and women long for a partner who has a healthy self-worth and values themselves - of course, without becoming conceited. And let's be honest, you would also prefer to date a partner who is at peace with themselves, right? If you have self-doubts and think that no one could love you, it's time to leave behind those thoughts! Strengthen your self-worth by reflecting on your positive aspects: what do you find particularly attractive about yourself? What defines you? And what have you achieved in your life that you are particularly proud of? Be confident in your dating search and you will notice that it makes you even more attractive.

4. Take Action and Meet Other People

If you long for a relationship and want to have a partner again, it's up to you to be proactive and take the first step. Therefore, be active and don't wait for true love to find you.

Take the initiative and create opportunities to meet new people. Whether it's through hobbies, sports, or online dating platforms, the chances of finding a increase when you actively engage in social activities. Attend events, join clubs or organizations, and be open to meet new people. Don't just rely on chance encounters but actively seek out opportunities to meet like-minded people who share your interests and values.

5. Give It Time

Finding the right partner takes time and patience. Love doesn't usually happen overnight, and a deep connection needs time to develop. Therefore, be patient and give the getting-to-know-you phase some time. So, don't rush headlong into a relationship and make sure not to neglect your hobbies and obligations.

6. Be Happy with Yourself

In addition to having a healthy self-confidence, it is also important that you are happy with yourself before start dating. This means that you know how to occupy yourself and make use of your time even when you're alone. Of course, everything is better when you're together, but you should also be able to find happiness on your own and not depend on another person for your happiness. Those who are happy with their own lives, even without a partner, generally handle conflicts in a relationship or a breakup better.

7. Are Your Expectations Realistic?

So, you've noted down your values and goals, you've committed to working on your self-worth, and now you have a clearer picture of who you're actually looking for. With these golden rules, you're already close to finding true love. However, take a moment to consider whether your dating expectations of a new partner are realistic and compatible with your own values. Especially when it comes to physical appearance, try not to be too picky. Stick to your values and goals, and you'll find that you can learn to love even the small imperfections in your partner.

Key Takeaways

If you want to find a happy love life, let go of the idea that there is one perfect partner out there somewhere. They don't exist. Have realistic dating expectations. When the butterflies in your stomach fade away, so do the feelings of being in love. And with them, the rose-tinted glasses that idealize your partner. Suddenly, you start to see the weaknesses and flaws of the other person. There is a big difference between being infatuated and experiencing love. To experience lasting love, you need to be willing to open your heart to your partner. You have to let them into your heart. Many people close their hearts because they have experienced how painful disappointments can be. But without consciously dating a person, you won't experience real love.

Have you been single for a while and your online dating search was not of success? Read the GenerationLove dating advice on this topic as well: "Why Can't I Find a Woman" or "Why Can't I Find a Man". These dating tips can help you in your search for new love.

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