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  • How can I sign up as a member?

    In order to become a member, you need to sign up. This is very simple. Click "Register FREE now" or "Register for free" on our home page. Or just click this link here, to sign up now.
  • I have not received the confirmation e-mail yet

    You have completed your registration and not received a confirmation E-Mail yet?

    Check your spam folder (or junk mail folder) to see if you have received an e-mail from us which has been directed to your spam/junk mail folder.

    To ensure you are able to receive e-mails from us, add our e-mail address to your white list or safe senders list.

    If you have checked your spam folder and not received the confirmation e-mail from us, you may have used an incorrect e-mail address or made a spelling error and you will need to register again. Please note: When you start to register again and you get the message that your e-Mail address is already registered, this means we have sent the confirmation e-mail to you already. The problem might be your e-mail provider. Please contact us.

  • Why do I receive a message saying that my e-mail address is already registered?

    This may happen for one of two reasons:
    1. You have previously registered with us. If you have never completely deleted your membership, your e-mail address still remains in our data base. Please log in with your e-mail-address and your old password. If you do not remember your old password, click the "Forgot your password?" link on the log in page. For more information, please refer to the section "I forgot my password. What can I do?".

    2. You may have registered with us before, and for some reason the process has been interrupted. If you have already entered your e-mail address, our system may have stored your data already. If you try to sign up over again, you will receive a message stating your e-mail address has already been registered. Our system is set up like this to prevent junk-e-mail. What can you do in this case? Click the link "Forgot your password?". You will find further information on how to change your password under "I forgot my password. What can I do?".

    With a new password and your e-mail address you will be able to log in. Upon logging in, you can update your profile. In order to do so, please refert to "How can I set up my personal profile?" below.
  • I do not have an e-mail address. Where can I get one?

    You can get an e-mail address for free. A free e-mail address is available at the following websites:


Your Access Data

  • I cannot login. What can I do?

    If you cannot login, you may have entered either an incorrect member number or an incorrect password.

    Instead of your member number you can also enter your e-mail address in the first log in blank and enter your password in the second blank.

    If you have lost your password, you may request a new password. Please see below "I forgot my Password. What can I do?" to request a new password.
  • I forgot my password. What can I do?

    You can request a new password:

    1. Open the log in page.
    2. Click the link: “Forgot your password?” .
    3. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address.
    4. Click the “send password” button.
    5. Your password will be sent to your e-mail address directly.
    Please note: To protect your privacy, we do not store passwords. Therefore we are unable to send you your old password. Your will receive a new password automatically generated by our system. Once you have received your new password, you can log in and change it into one you can easily remember. For more information on how to change your password, please see "How can I change my password?" below.
  • How can I change my password?

    1. To change your password, log in as a member.
    2. Choose the "My Home" button on the top navigation bar.
    3. Click "My Account", next to the photo.
    4. Click Password - "Change" in the center column.
    5. Press the "Save" button.
  • How can I change my registered e-mail address?

    1. Make sure you are logged in as a member
    2. Choose the "My Home“ button on the top navigation bar.
    3. Click "My Account", next to the photo.
    4. Click  "Personal Settings".
    5. Fill in your new e-mail address.
    6. Enter your password.
    7. Press "Save".
  • I forgot my member number. What can I do?

    When logged in, click “My Profile” (on the top navigation bar). You will see your member mumber in the upper right of your profile.

    Please Note: You do not need your member number to log in. You can use your e-mail address and password.
  • Can I change my member number?

    No, it is not possible to change your member number.

    Please note: You do not need your member number to log in. To log in, you can enter your e-mail address and password.

Your Profile

  • How do I set up a dating profile?

    Your profile is the first impression you make on someone else. An appealing profile is your personal ad and decides to some extent whether or not your search will be successful. If you have registered without filling in any data about yourself, please log in and go to "MyHome". Then click "Update Profile". You can set up an appealing profile by filling out all of the blanks.
  • How long will I have to wait before you publish my profile?

    We will publish your profile once it has been reviewed by our team. Usually this will take no more than 24 hours.
  • I have filled out a registration form but my Profile is still not published?

    One of the following reasons may apply:

    1. Your Profile is still pending for approval. Normally your Profile will be published within 24 hours of registration.
    2. After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation E-Mail. Please check your E-Mail account. You need to respond to this E-Mail to complete your registration.
    3. If you have not received a Confirmation E-Mail, then you might have used an incorrect E-Mail address or made a spelling error. You may have to register again.

    Please Note: When you start to register again, if you receive a message that your E-Mail address is already registered, check your Spam Folder to see if you have received an E-Mail from us. Please add our E-Mail to your White List or Safe Senders list.
  • How can I update my Profile?

    1. Make sure you are logged in as Member.
    2. Choose "My Home" (button on top bar).
    3. Click on "Update My Profile" (next to the photo frame).
    4. Follow the instructions.
  • Why Move my Profile to the Top?

    Have your profile moved to the top of the search results, so other members will notice you first. Your profile will thus receive more attention, and you have the opportunity to receive more attractive letters.

  • I have had my profile moved to the top yesterday. Today, I have no more letters than before. Why am I not receiving more?

    Many members choose whom they wish to contact and then send a letter to introduce themselves. This often takes a day or even longer, as everyone wants to make a positive first impression. Therefore, the desired effect often shows up with some delay.

    We have made the experience, however, that profiles which are further up top, receive 20% more letters on average than those further down the line.

    If you are still not receiving enough response, we recommend you consider updating your own pictures as well!

Your Photos

  • How can I publish my photos?

    Add some good photos of yourself to your profile. Members with photos receive considerably more answers and have greater chances to be successful in their search for a partner.

    1. Make sure you are logged in as member.
    2. Select "My Home" (link in top bar).
    3. Click "Add/ Manage Photos".
    4. A new window will open. Click "Add a photo".
    5. Click "Browse", and from your computer, select a photo you wish to upload.
    6. Click "Upload Photo".
    7. Press "Save" or select "Edit Photo", if you wish to crop your uploaded photo.
    Every photo will be reviewed by our service team before other users will be able to view it.
  • Why should I post my photos? Can I publish my Profile without a photo?

    Yes you can publish your Profile without a photo. However, our recommendation is to add a photo to your profile. Members with photos receive a far greater response and make more friends on our site. You can always add a photo to your profile at a later time.
  • I do not have any digital photos stored on my computer. What can I do?

    If you do not have any photos stored on your computer, you can take hard copy photos to an internet cafe or a photo shop and they can scan them for you into digital format for uploading on to our site.

    Alternatively you can mail your hard copy photos to us and we will scan and upload your photo free of charge. You can send your hard copy photos by regular mail or your digital format photos by e-mail.

    For your hard copy photos, our postal address is:

    Sevastin Ltd.
    Allerkampstraße 12 A
    29223 Celle

    Please do not forget to include your member number or your e-mail address when sending your photos to us. We will only be able to publish your photos if we have either your e-mail address or member number.
  • Not all of my photos were published. Why?

    Your face must always be visible in the photos you wish to publish to our site. 
    We can not publish photos which include:
    • Nude, obscene, sexual or otherwise offensive pictures;
    • Something or someone else other then yourself (i.e. cartoon characters, celebrities);
    • Pictures where your eyes are concealed;
    • Group photos or photos which show the face(s) of other persons
    • Any copyrighted images.

    We reserve the right to further restrictions.
  • How can I change my photos?

    You may add photos to your personal profile or change your profile photo. In order to do so, please follow these steps:
    1. Make sure you are logged in as a member.
    2. Select "My Home" (link in top bar).
    3. Click "Add/ Manage Photos".
    4. In order to select your profile photo, click the asterisk.
    5. Add another photo or click "delete" to replace it with a different one.
    6. You may rearrange the order of your photos using drag & drop

Your Dating Experience

  • How can I meet other members on GenerationLove?

    If you like someone, let them know. Do not wait for the right partner to find you, but take the initiative. GenerationLove gives you many opportunities to contact other members. You can show others you are interested by sending a wink, pay a charming compliment, send a personal message or a gift. In order to do so, go to the member's profile and select an option.
  • What is a Compliment?

    If you are looking for a unique way to make a lady feel special then why not pay her a Compliment? With a Compliment you can tell a woman something special without using words. You can say it with a virtual rose, a virtual teddy bear, a virtual heart or any other virtual surprise displayed in the Compliment list. One of these small surprises will make her curious about you. You also have the opportunity to add a personal message to your Compliment.
  • How do I pay a Compliment to a lady?

    1. Open the Profile of the woman you wish to pay a Compliment to.
    2. Click "Pay a Compliment" in the profile menu.
    3. Choose a Compliment from the list.
    4. Enter your message in the text area (optional).
    5. Press "Send Compliment".
  • Should I answer every letter?

    Please always be cordial to another person who is writing you, even if you are not interested in them. You may thank them in a friendly way and let them know you have received their letter. A short thank you is a very nice gesture. On the other hand, credits are charged for opening a letter. You may prefer to read only letters from individuals whose profile you find appeling. There is no obligation to read letters. If another person who has never answered you before fails to read your letter within 28 days and you do not wish to continue correspondence with them, we will refund the credits used for the letter. For such a refund, please contact our customer support.
  • Should I really exchange contact information?

    It is generally advised to be careful before giving to many personal details too quickly on the Internet. Ge to know the other person a little better before giving them your personal information. Men often believe that nothing is more personal than sharing their telephone number or e-mail address with a woman. But beware, this is a fallacy! Women especially find it unpleasant being pressured to abandon the protection that the anonymity of online-dating provides. At the same time, they find it frivolous to be floode with personal contact data. On this matter, please also read our "Dating Tips" and hints on "Dating Safety".
  • How can I send my personal contact information to another Member?

    For the woman's protection, GenerationLove's principle is for every woman may decide for herself when she is ready for a direct personal communication. Women especially find it unpleasant being pressured to give up the protection of anonymous online dating. To ensure a woman is not pressured, a man may not send his own contact information to the woman. After an initial acquaintance with the lady, you may discuss with her how you wish to continue your correspondence. A first acquaintance on GenerationLove is considered having read a minimum of eight letters from a lady. Having done so, you may ask her for her private contact information. The decision is of course up to her. Do remember that trust is the key to the heart, and give her time, so she will feel at ease.
    If you are a U.S. resident or a U.S. citizen, you may not share personal contact information with a woman abroad without fulfilling U.S. IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act) requirements. However, we support you in fulfilling these requirements so you can receive a woman's contact information.
  • Does GenerationLove IMBRA comply with IMBRA requirements?

    If you are a U.S. resident or U.S. citizen, we will support you to comply with the legal requirements laid down in the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA). For all individuals living in the USA, it is important to fill in and return to us the IMBRA forms. Only after the lady has read your information and given her written consent, personal contact information can be passed on and a personal meeting can take place. Violation of these regulations leads to the woman's failure to receive a U.S. visa in the future. Individuals who are neither U.S. citizens nor U.S. residents are not concerned by the IMBRA regulations.
  • I have accidentally blocked another Member. How do I un-block this Member?

    1. Log in to MyHome
    2. Go to the "My Lists" area and choose "Ignored Members".
    3. Select the member whom you wish to take off the list.
    4. Click "Delete from list".

    Having removed the member from the "Ignored Members" list, you can immediately restart your communication with that member.
  • What do others say about GenerationLove?

    GenerationLove is one of the best-loved partner platforms for Eastern Europe. For many years, we have successfully been bringing couples together. Thousands have fallen in love. You can find GenerationLove experiences of other members by going to "Testimonials". This is where you can read reports of happy couples who have found each other on GenerationLove.


  • How can I contact a person who does not know my language?

    GenerationLove Dating provides a translation service for letters. Every woman on GenerationLove can ask for a free translation support when corresponding on the platform. This translation service is free of charge. A fee is only due for sending letters and opening them. The translation is generally provided in English. In many cases and depending on availability other languages are provided but can not be guaranteed.

  • Why have I been asked to pay for a translation service?

    If you have received a request to pay for a translation service to continue your communication with a lady, please inform us! The letters you read or send via GenerationLove are translated for you free of charge on the basis of our free translation service.
  • I have received a letter in German, but I do not understand German.

    English translation is provided for all of our ladies. Please contact our support department if you have received a letter in German instead of English. Always include the member number and the date of the letter for reference.


  • Is the Membership really FREE?

    Yes, you can register and become a GenerationLove Member for FREE and you will benefit from many services FREE of charge. For more details, please see our overview Services FREE of charge.

    To join GenerationLove for FREE click here.

    If you wish to benefit from our payable features as well, you may purchase Credits.
  • How much is the service?

    GenerationLove Dating has a range of attractive package prices with significant discounts. Many services we offer are FREE of charge. In addtion you also can benefit from our payable services. Prices are shown whenever a service is not free of charge.

    For more details please see the overview of our services and pricing.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, GenerationLove offers various discounts. I.e. you can benefit from discounts depending on the amount of Credits you buy. We also provide regular information about special offers in our newsletter. To make sure you do not miss any offers, adjust your Email settings.

    Please check your spam / junk mail folder, if you do not receive our newsletters. Add to your white list or your address book.


  • How can I buy Credits?

    You can purchase a variety of payable services on GenerationLove with so-called GenerationLove Credits. Here is how to buy Credits:
    1. Make sure you are logged in as a member.
    2. Press the "My Home" button on the top navigation bar.
    3. Hover over "Credits" in the top navigation bar, and click "buy Credits" in the menu that appears.
    4. Follow the instructions.
  • Which methods of payment do you offer?

    We offer a number of payment options for you. Once logged in as a member, you may select your preferred method of payment. To purchase Credits, please go to MyHome and click "Buy Credits".

  • Credit Card problems?

    I want pay for the Membership but I have problems with my credit card. My credit card is not accepted.

    How can the problem be solved?
    • Double-check you have entered all the digits of your card number correctly. The last four digits are often forgotten.
    • If your credit card payment did not work, the reason may be an unstable internet connection. Please wait and try again later.
    • If you continue to have problems, select a different payment method or contact our customer support for help. With your enquiry, please mention what payment method you have used and when you have tried to make your purchase.
  • Does GenerationLove make recurring charges?

    GenerationLove offers two types of payment. If you use the standard payment option, your credit card will only be charged once.
    If you opt for a subscription plan, your credit card will be billed eacht time your subscription needs renewal.

Refund of Credits

  • Will my Credits be refunded, if the recipient does not answer?

    With your FIRST letter, you show the recipient that you are interested in getting acquainted. If you have stuck to our tips and hints, but still have not received an answer within 21 days, you may ask for the Credits spent for  this FIRST letter to be refunded.  In order to receive your refund, open the form "Refund".  Enter the recipient's member number. You will receive 100% of the Credits spent for this letter. A refund is only possible if requested no later than 8 weeks after the send date.

    If you have received and read letters from this person before sending your FIRST letter, you will also receive a refund of the Credits spent for these.

    As soon as the refund has been granted, we will notify you. You can see your refunds in your "Credit History".

    Note: Such refunds are not possible for letters sent prior to October 01, 2015.

  • Will my Credits be refunded, if the recipient does not read my letter?

    If you send a letter, but the recipient does not open and read this letter within 21 days, you will receive a refund. 100% of Credits for an unopened letter will be refunded. This refund is done automatically; you do not need to take any action. As soon as the refund has been granted, we will notify you. You can see the refunded Credits in your "Credit history".  

    If the recipient later reads the refunded letter, this letter will still remain FREE of charge for you.

    Note: An automatic refund is only possible for letters sent after October 01, 2015.


  • Is GenerationLove safe?

    GenerationLove provides a safe and secure environment for finding your life partner on the internet. It is our goal to help singles find each other's match. Our service team personally checks every profile, photo and video for plausibility and seriousness. GenerationLove protects your personal data and does not share them with third parties.
  • What do you do to prevent fraud on GenerationLove?

    GenerationLove makes every effort to keep our website free of scammers. We provide a "Report Abuse" feature in every profile and ask our members to report any abuse or suspicious activity. This has proven to be a very effective deterrent to scammers. We investigate every reported abuse and delete every profile that violates our rules. Every scammer risks criminal prosecution.

    The internet offers many opportunities which are unfortunately abused by a small minority. Every country in the world has criminals and dishonest individuals who attempt to extort money from unsuspecting individuals. Therefore, never send money to a person you have only met on the internet. The good news is there are thousands of sincere people out there who dream to love and be loved. For further information, please see our "Anti Scam Policy".

  • The ladies on GenerationLove are too beautiful to be true. How do I know they are actually real?

    Every lady whose profile is published on GenerationLove is supported in her search by a local partner agency. That is, the lady is personally known. In order to register, the lady identifies herself with her passport or ID document. She also signs an agreement to make sure that all letters on GenerationLove are written by her and not for her, and that she will keep up this correspondence with a gentleman only as long as she is actively interested in the further development of the relationship with a life partnership as the ultimate goal.

Travel Information Ukraine

  • I would like to visit another Member. What do I need to do?

    In your correspondence with the woman, please make a date which suits both of you. Do not under any circumstances book a flight before you have confirmation from her that she will be able to meet you on the date you have proposed. This advice is to avoid possible disappointment and unneccessary expenses.

    The first meeting takes place on the premises of the marriage agency or accompanied by agency staff to ensure both the lady's and your security.

    Translation and interpretation services as well as airport pick-up and bookings of accomodation are in the portfolio of our local partner agencies. The marriage agency where your lady is registered will be glad to help upon request. The woman must have agreed to meet you in person before we can give you the local agency's contact information. For this purpose, please contact us via the contact form. This service is free of charge once you have read a minimum of eight letters from the lady you wish to meet.

    We need the following data and documents from you:

    Please send
    1. Your full name and street address, daytime phone number and birth date
    2. A legible copy / scan / photo of an identification document with photo, preferrably in .jpg format
    3. The Member number of the member you wish to visit
    4. Your own member number
    5. The meeting date you have confirmed with the lady
    Please inquire only after having read the required number of letters from the respective member.

    Please ask the local agency for their list of services and prices. Services such as translation, airport shuttle, lodging, if needed, are charged separately. Please note that in Ukraine (as well as Russia and Belorus), prepayment is usually required. In other words, you will have to pay for services before taking advantage of them. Hotel reservations and apartments must be paid for upon arrival.

  • Is travelling to all districts of Ukraine possible?

    Are you planning a meeting with a member from the eastern districts Donezk or Luhansk? If you have a question about the situation in these districts, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We will support your meeting in another place. Before contacting us, you should fix a date with the member you wish to meet. Ukraine is a large country, and life is going on normally in most places. Travelling there takes place as usual. For updated travel information, please also check the website of your Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Your Membership

  • How can I end my Membership?

    1. Make sure you are logged in as Member.
    2. Choose "My Home" (button on top bar).
    3. Click on "My Account" (next to the photo).
    4. Click on Switch off my Membership.
    5. Follow the instructions.
    Please note, if you a paying member, we recommend utilizing the remaining Credits left in your account that you have paid for.

    If you wish to cancel your membership entirely, please click on "Contact Us" below and write "Cancel my Membership" in the subject.

Service and Support

VIP Packages

  • What is a VIP Package?

    Our VIP packages give you special benefits to make your dating on GenerationLove even easier and more fun.

  • What are my benefits with a VIP package?

    • Move profile to top position: This option will position your profile at the top of the profiles list, so more members will notice you immediately, thus increasing your chances to receive more attractive letters
    • Photo upgrade: Share more from your own life, making yourself more attractive in the eyes of other members
    • View more womens’ photos for free: Get to know the woman of your dreams better by viewing all of her photos
    • Read 10 first introductory letters for free: Get a better overview before you decide whom to reply
    • Watch four women’s videos for free: Watch the women you like in moving pictures and be enchanted
    • Your profile marked as TOP: Attract more attention to your personal ad
    • Please refer to our VIP offer for details about individual VIP packages
  • Why more photos?

    More photos of you can help you receive more attention. Show yourself at your best, and use photos showing you in your leisure time, during games and fun. Have a friend take your picture during your favorite pastime, or upload a photo from your last fall outing.

    Remember that you must be recognizable in all pictures and that our photo guidelines apply. These additional pictures will help give your correspondence partner a positive impression of who is awaiting them.

  • How long does a VIP package last?

    Every VIP package is good through a period of 30 days from the day of its purchase. Your subscription is automatically renewed for 30 more days, as long you have sufficient Credits in your GenerationLove member account.

    You do not need to take any action to keep benefiting from your VIP package.

  • When can I cancel my VIP subscription?

    A VIP package may be cancelled at any time, up to 24 hours before the end of your 30-day subscription period. Starting at 24 hours before a VIP package ends, it is renewed automatically, and the respective Credit amount is deducted from your GenerationLove Credit account.

  • How can I end my VIP subscription?

    You can book, view or terminate your VIP package at any time by going to VIP in the main menu. In order to do so, just click “Stop automatic renewal”. Your VIP package will continue until the end of the booked period, but it will no longer be renewed automatically.

  • Will I be reminded if my Credit balance is too low to prolong my VIP package?

    Five days prior to the expiration of your VIP package, you will receive a notification in MyHome, as well as via e-mail, if your Credit balance is too low for a renewal of your VIP package.

  • When will my VIP package be cancelled?

    A VIP package will end automatically and will not be renewed 

    • if you do not have sufficient Credits in your GenerationLove Credit account for a renewal,
    • if you have de-activated the automatic renwal
    • when GenerationLove no longer offers the respective VIP package

    In all of these cases, your VIP package will remain valid and active until the end of the 30-day period you have booked.

Bonus Program

  • What is the GenerationLove Bonus Program?

    With every Credits or Gifts and Flowers purchase you make on the GenerationLove website, you automatically accumulate Bonus Points, which can be redeemed for attractive services. The more actively you use GenerationLove, the more you save!

    To find out more, please click here