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About Video Chat   Videochat

What is Video Chat?

The live Video Chat is a wonderful opportunity to get more acquainted with your lady and to enjoy a closer and more intimate communication. With the help of a web camera you will be able not only to see each other but also hear each other's voice.

COMPLIMENTARY translation and assistance is provided with this service if the lady does not speak English. You may also check for other available languages.

Live video streaming will enrich the communication with your lady and is just like going on a date. A live video chat gives you more valuable information about a particular woman you are interested in and helps you to take your love connection to the next level! You also have the opportunity to regularly communicate face to face with your desired woman.


How do I invite for a Video Chat?

To send an invite to someone for a Video Chat, please do the following:

  1. Open the profile of a lady you would like to video chat with
  2. Click Videochat Video Chat on the lady's profile
  3. Fill in the invitation form
  4. Your invitation will be forwarded to the lady for confirmation of date and time. If the suggested date and time is convenient for the lady, you will receive a mail with a confirmation notification.Pay attention to the list "Chat Invitations" in MyHome and wait for the confirmation.
  5. If the proposed time is not convenient for the lady, you will receive an e-mail with an alternative date proposal.
  6. You may either accept the new suggested time or offer another.
  7. As soon as you and the lady have agreed upon a suitable date and time, you will receive a mail containing an access link to your Video Chat.

On the appointed date, please open the Video Chat link 5 minutes prior to the agreed time and wait for the lady to join.


How to start the Video Chat?

Prior to the Video Chat appointment, please make sure your webcam and microphone are working properly. Test your Video Chat settings

  1. Open the Web Browser Google Chrome Google Chrome. If you have not installed Google Chrome on your computer, than you can download Chrome here.
  2. To start the Video Chat use the access link, you have received from us. Copy and paste the access link to the address line of your Internet browser.

  3. When you open the Vidoe Chat the browser will request access to your camera and microphone. Allow access to your camera and microphone

  4. If you have connected an external camera and microphone to your computer, click on the camera icon and choose the active camera and microphone from the dropdown menu.

  5. As soon as your camera has access to your camera, you will see yourself in a small window. If you do not see yourself, than your camera settings are not correct. For more advice read Browser Settings.

  6. If you see a big blue window than the other person is not online yet. Please wait for the other person to join.
  7. The other person will appear in the blue window, as soon as the person is online. Start your conversation.

The Video Chat does not work properly?

  1. The other person cannot see you: Allow the Web Browser access to your camera. For more information see See Browser Settings.
  2. You see a big black window instead of a blue one: The other person is online but there is a connection failure. Refresh the web browser to allow a new start of the video chat. ATTENTION: Each time you refresh the web browser you have to give access to your camera and microphone!
  3. The other person does not hear you: Make sure your web browser has access to your active microphone. See point 4 above.
  4. You hear an echo of yourself: Ask the other person to reduce the volume control or to use a headset.

If you have further problems with your video chat, please read our Video Chat Support.


What do I need for the Video Chat?

  1. Internet connection speed 200 Kb/sec or above
  2. Web camera, microphone, speakers or headphones (most computers and web cameras come equipped with built-in microphones already)
    Recommended accessories: Headset with microphone for improved sound quality. Or USB echo-cancelling speaker phones.
  3. Computer settings must correspond to the requirements of the service. See System configuration instructions.
    Use the following link to test the Video Chat and your computer settings prior to the Video Chat appointment: Test your Video Chat settings
  4. Make sure you use the correct Internet Browsers.The video chat has been configured for the web browser Google Chrome. The latest version of Mozilla Firefox and Opera also work but with possible loss of quality. The Video chat does NOT support Microsoft Internet Explorer or Safari!

Prior to the Video Chat appointment, please make sure your webcam and microphone are working properly. Test your Video Chat settings


What is the cost for the Video Chat?

The basic package includes 20 minutes of video chat. You may prolong the session and pay per minute.

Regular Package
The basic package is 50 Credits.

Charge per minute
If you do not know how much time you will need for your Video Chat session, remember to top up your Credit account. Each additional minute is 3 Credits



  • A Video Chat invitation may be submitted no less than 24 hours in advance. We recommend to allow a few days for processing.
  • A lady has the right to refuse a Video Chat invitation. Yourdeposit payment will in this case be refunded.
  • To learn more about the Video Chat, the rules and refund policy, please visit our Chat Policy and Terms of Service