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Trusted Dating since 2008 Trusted Dating since 2008

For many years GenerationLove is the #1 trusted dating service for Eastern Europe.

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Read testimonials from happy couples who found each other on GenerationLove!

Why GenerationLove?

Dating Eastern Europe

GenerationLove is a premier dating site for Eastern Europe and a popular Ukrainian dating service for Ukrainian women and men seeking new connections and new love. With years of experience, we are one of the most trusted dating websites. Thousands of singles put their trust in us. Sign up now for free and start your search! Learn more

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Just a few testimonials of happy couples who found each other on GenerationLove. More testimonials

About GenerationLove

Since 2008 we've been making singles happy!

GenerationLove is the №1 trusted online dating service in Eastern Europe. For singles who seek lasting relations. A main focus is dating Ukraine. Do you want to end your life as a single and wish to find a happy relationship? We are here to help you to find that love. Our passion for our work is our motivation to make your happy. Thousands of singles from East to West have fallen in love through our dating service. You can read some of these testimonials from happy couples on GenerationLove.

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Successful Dating

Somewhere the ideal partner is waiting for everyone.

Have you eveer thought finding your spouse in Eastern Europe? Maybe in Ukraine, Armenia or Russia? We believe that somewhere the ideal partner is waiting for everyone. The many testimonials from happy couples on GenerationLove are the best proof for it. That is why we are here to help you to find your destiny too. About the possibilities we have for you on GenerationLove you can read in the area dating .

GenerationLove Reviews

Read what other users have to say about GenerationLove. Users share how they found their destiny in Ukraine. Others give testimonials how they met someone in Russia. And happy couples share their love stories with wedding photos. And of course, we look forward to get your feedback too. We keep our fingers crossed for your dating search. GenerationLove experiences

Dating Advice

GenerationLove is providing useful advice for your dating search. We have compiled tips and hints to give you the best chances of success in finding your spouse. Our dating advice can be helpful in find lasting love and build a healthy, worthwhile relationship. Before you start your dating search it is a good advice to brush up a little on your dating skills. Dating Advice

Finding the right Partner

Before you start your dating search, you must know what you are looking for in a mate and you must be confident with what you have to offer. Being unsure in either of these areas will make your dating experience frustrating and time-consuming. Moreover, you will frustrate the person you are dating: if you don’t know where you are going, they will not know either. Finding the right Partner

Tips for your first Date

Even if you are going on your second or third date, with a new person, it is always a first date. So it might be useful to brush up a little on your dating skills. You have already done most of the work – you have contacted someone, talked on the phone and set up a date when you will meet. So you are actually going on your first date now. You can do much to prepare for your date and to make the date a pleasant one. Tips for your first Date.

We protect your privacy

We offer a protected and safe dating environment. GenerationLove protects from fake and scam. Protecting your privacy is important to GenerationLove. We check every profile and every photograph prior to publication. Fake profiles on GenerationLove are deleted. But also protect yourself against online scams and fake by not sharing private information about yourself too quickly. We've put together a few tips on protecting your privacy so that your search for a partner also goes smoothly.

Our Anti Scam Policy

The good news first, GenerationLove protects users from fake and dating scam. There are thousands of honest singles looking for love and finding a spouse. As trusted dating service GenerationLove does not tolerate any fake, scam or fraud. GenerationLove offers a satisfaction guarantee. In our Tips against Fake and Scam you can read how to discover scam and fraud in internet. Our goal is your safe dating experience and a successful search.