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Introductory Phase: When someone withdraws

If someone feels pressured during the Introductory Phase, he or she withdraws.If someone feels pressured during the Introductory Phase, he or she withdraws.

Why does he not answer any more? How should I behave now? What is behind a withdrawal in the getting to know phase and how you can deal with it.

The phase of getting to know each other is an exciting time - we spend a lot of time with new acquaintances, we show ourselves from our best side. It is not uncommon for the first few weeks of getting to know each other to be a very intense time in which you get closer both emotionally and physically. Even if it is so nice at the beginning, it can happen that someone suddenly distances themselves. We'll show you what's behind a withdrawal and which mistakes you should absolutely avoid in this situation.

Reasons to withdraw

If the partner suddenly distances, this often creates uncertainty and emotional chaos. To understand how to deal with this sudden change in one another, it is important to understand that withdrawal is an important stage in many budding relationships. During the first few weeks we devote ourselves intensively to making new acquaintances, which often means that work, hobby, friends and family are neglected. Many people realize this quickly and try to restore a certain degree of independence by again reserving more time for hobbies and friends. So there is no direct reason to panic if your partner suddenly has less time!

In many cases it happens that one of the two partners is more active and committed in a new partnership than the other. While you may already be very sure that you are ready for a new relationship and that you have found the partner for life in your new acquaintance, your counterpart may not be ready yet. When one partner feels insecure or constricted, they pull away to give them time to think and not to hurt the other. Of course, this situation can be very disappointing, but even in this case you should remain calm and not react too impulsively.

Common mistakes in the withdrawal phase

If the partner suddenly distances and without giving a reason, it is important not to panic. So that the chance of a great love is not wasted, you should avoid the following mistakes:

1. Desperate clinging

Even if you are going through moments of uncertainty and emotional pain, be patient in order to build trust and not put the other off. Avoid looking desperate and cornering your partner with braces.

2. Avoid accusations

Of course, you can seek the conversation to find out how the partner is feeling. Is he really insecure, or does he just need more time for himself than you do? Talk about your feelings without pressuring or blaming the other person.

3. Be too scared

If your partner withdraws, it is important that you do not throw the gun in the grain right away. Use the other's withdrawal phase as an opportunity to have more time for yourself and to create trust as the basis for a prospective relationship. If you also withdraw out of fear of being rejected or hurt, or if you want to ignore your partner “as a punishment”, in the worst case this can ruin your chance of great love.

Conclusion: how best to deal with a retreat

Give the relationship enough time to grow and give the longed-for partner space, even if he withdraws. In a budding relationship, it's important to show understanding and not apply pressure. Allow the other to set the pace and be patient. In this way you move one step closer to your great love.

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When someone withdraws