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100% Credit Refund

Our goal is 100% client satisfaction. We enjoy seeing our work bring happiness and new love for many! And we hope that you, too, will meet the woman or man of your dreams through GenerationLove. Our promise to you is therefore:

1. If you are interested in someone on GenerationLove, but your first letter goes unanswered, we will of course refund the Credits charged for this letter. And if you have opened letters from this person before sending your first, we will even refund the Credits spent for these letters you have read. Read more

2. If your contact is not willing to send recent photos from everyday life (or just sends portrait photos), then we refund the Credits for this communicaion.

3. If specific questions are not answered in a letter, presupposed these questions are serious and not intimate or violate personal rights, then we refund the Credits charged for this letter.

4. If a GenerationLove member does not open and read one or more of the letters you have sent, you will of course receive a Credit refund for these unopened letters. Read more

Yours, GenerationLove Team

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