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Meeting with Inna in Poltava

In August Inna and I decided that we would get to know each other personally. I took a "Odri" bus and went directly to Poltava. There I waited in the hotel for our first meeting. And then Inna came, she really looks as on her photos. But she was much prettier! In the following days we visited several parks, including "Gluhoman", "Muhomor" and "Food & Forest". Because Inna wanted it, our interpreter always accompanied us so that we did not have any  language barriers. Our interpreter was always there for us and I would like to thank her again for the good support. We spent our vacation together and we both really enjoyed being close to each other. During this time, Inna and I have come very close. I also met her daughter and I'm happy that she likes me too. We plan to meet again this year. This time in Germany!

Report from Jürgen 
August 2018