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War in Ukraine

Viele Frauen aus der Ukraine nutzen GenerationLove für die Partnersuche.

GenerationLove - Krieg in der Ukraine & Partnersuche

As dating service for Eastern Europe, we are deeply concerned by the war in Ukraine. Many women who are searching for a spouse on GenerationLove are from Ukraine.

Here we will add further information as they become available. Below you can find informations how you can help people from Ukraine.

We are receiving many reports by women from Ukraine. Numbers of women fleeing the Russian invation. Other women live in cities that have been been spared from the war so far. Kharkov and Mariupol are bombed and destroyed. The Situation in Odessa und Mykolajiw is unpredictable. We are closely monitoring the situation to make our services available for all people from Ukraine.

Women also write about their wish to continue their dating search on GenerationLove. Even they are displaced now, somewhere in Ukraine or in Poland, Great Britain, Ireland, the USA, Canada or any another country. Despite war and flight many women from Ukraine wish to find a spouse, feeling of being safe and loved. If the woman of your heart is from Ukraine, show her how much you care!

Reports by women from Ukraine

Some women from Ukraine gave permission for their reports to be published. These reports are authentic impressions of the war in Ukraine.

Irina from Mariupol


Irina is a single and dating coach from Mariupol. With her agency in Mariupol, she supports men on GenerationLove who are dating women in Ukraine. She and her family suffered the Russian bombing of Mariupol. They escaped death only by inches.

Irina describes how her life collapsed on February 24. Everything they had and what was important lost its value. The only thing that mattered was somehow surviving the bombing of Mariupol. She and her husband were afraid that the 6-year-old son would left behind alone, if they were killed. They miraculously survived cluster bomb attacks. But the child began to stutter. Since that day they lived only in the basement.

Food became scarce. And when they ran out of water, they collected snow and later water from puddles. To cook, they made fire in front of the door in the few minutes without shelling.

After weeks of siege and bombing, her family managed to escape from Mariupol in mid-April. But friends, relatives and close people did not make it. Angela, her German/English translator, and her two children were also killed. Many know Angela, she helped men when meeting with women in Mariupol. Our pain and sorrow know no bounds.

Irina writes: "There we were killed... but we forgot to die. Heart torn, soul torn, dirty, hungry, exhausted, frightened... but alive." Read Irina's full report here...

Kristina from Odessa


"So suddenly the war broke in our lives and changed everything. Although we have been warned before of a possible Russian invasion in Ukraine. But no one wanted to believe that a country with cultural and many family ties will destroy our lives. My father is from Volgograd and I have many relatives in Russia. On February 24, around 5 a.m., I have been waked up from sleep. I saw a flash in the sky and after 10 seconds an explosion. And I realized that the worst had begun. I think it makes no sense to tell what I have been though in the first days of the war. I panicked. At the same time, I was disturbed by our ignorance and banal misunderstandings about what to expect. For 10 days we believed that this hell will not last forever, that destroying everything around us would stop. But rockets, planes and drones continued to fly over our house. Every night we took turns sleeping not to miss the alarms of our air defense.

On the 10th day I couldn't take it anymore, my nerves were on edge. My goal was to bring my children to a safer place. The youngest girl is one and a half years. We got in the car and drove to nowhere. We were stuck in traffic for 6 hours. It turned out that an enemy unit was repelled right in front of us. There were many checkpoints. We had little time left to leave the city before curfew. And the roads were very dangerous at night. It was very scary; we drove through the Odessa region on a road along the sea. On the sea we saw Russian warships. The missiles flew right over our heads. We were very scared, but we made it through alive. We were happy to reach Reni with the kids where we could stay with friends for the night. The next morning, friends advised which border crossings is not such a long queue. Within 20 minutes we crossed the border into Moldova. We could breathe a little.

I really want to believe that all this fear will end quickly. We want to return to our homes and to our loved ones. I hope we can start rebuilding our wonderful country Ukraine soon! The hardest hit cities need our help. Our mind understands what is happening, but it is difficult to comprehend."

Elena from Kharkov


“I had planned to stay in Kharkiv with my two kids. But then they started to bomb our residential area. We run. We could not take anything with us, just the clothes we wore. We had to use different trains that are totally overcrowded. Everyone was afraid that the train is shelled. It was a nightmare. After three days we reached the Polish border and received help by the people in Poland. First we could stay in a temporary accommodation. But now I got a good appartement for me and my kids. Now I’m fine. The older son is going to school now. And I take Polish language courses. I like it here. But I want to go home, although I know that the war will not end soon.”

How to help women from Ukraine?


by Elena, dating adviser from Ukraine. She herself had to flee from the war.

Talking about the current situation with war in Ukraine, about 4 million Ukrainians have fled already (mainly women and children). Many men are ready to help and give shelter and food.

If you are helping as a volunteer already, then this can be a good decision. But if you intent to offer help with the aim to build a relationship with a girl, then this can be a wrong approach. Because a healthy and happy relationship usually is built when there is freedom of choice. If a woman is stressed and in need, then she is not independent. Such situation can make it easier getting a girl into your house. But on the other hand, what will be quality of such relationship?

I suggest to give your friendship and show her that you care. You can help her with issues like registration with the local administration, finding an independent accommodation and other administrative procedures. But do not try to put a woman in circumstances where she dependents on you. Usually this does not lead to a happy relationship. But if you help wholehearted, then this is the best way that more can develop.

Help people from Ukrain

We are deeply moved by the help offered by many users of GenerationLove. This is also the priority for our staff since the Russian invasion. People of Ukraine need our help now! The safety of the women who have to flee Ukraine is also important to us. Therefore women on GenerationLove have received safty information from us. It is important only to accep officially registered accommodations. Private accommodation can be registered with the local municipalities.

Humanitarian Aid

We support humanitarian efforts. Our support is needed now more than ever! To help Ukraine you can donate to Operation "Ukraine AirLIFT”.

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