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What a pleasure it was to find your GenerationLove service months ago! I remember that you had asked for testimonials. Here is my story I would like to share with you: First I wrote with several beautiful women on your site but soon I learned to allow a second look. And there was a Russian girl that again and again draw my attention but for some reason I did not make the first step. One day I got her introduction letter and replied. After three months communication and many red roses I sent her we planned our first personal meeting. Both of us have been very excited.

Travelling to Russia and than to Novosibirsk has been kind of exotic to me. I decided to fly to Moscow and than by Transsiberian Railroad. What an adventure! And than arrival in Novosibirsk; Together with a local Generation Love representative Natasha picked me up from the railway station. What an excitement! The first meeting went very well and it confirmed that we like each other. The following 5 days have just been flying. We agreed to meet again 5 weeks later. We planned for Crimea, Ukraine's Black Sea reverie.

In these two weeks something developed what made us belief we are made for each other. Back home the phone bill increased significantly and we started to organize our paperwork to get married. Today we are happy together. Currently we life for two months in Russia and hope all paper are ready to fly out shortly. I often contacted the GenerationLove support and want to thank you that you always cared.

Thank you for the work you do! Your concept of combining internet with your local service is perfect and the best dating service I found. I wish I would know you from the beginning; I could have saved a lot of time! Many you find in the internet today are nothing but only scam. You make a real difference and I wish all people are as honest as you! I will be happy to recommend your work!

Natasha and Kevin D.
September 2010

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