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Hello GenerationLove Team!
I want to express my sincere thanks for the excellent work you do! I have used your site for several weeks now. It is the best dating site I found. It is secure and your work is professional. If a question comes up, your support is quick to respond. I think it is the best place to search for a woman. Thanks for your advice for my visit to Russia! I have met with several women. Sorry for being a little sceptic, but you are right, all the women are real and very serious in their search! Now I have learned that much more women than men live in Russia and Ukraine. You offer a great service to help these women in their wish to create a family. Everyone who uses your site will have a chance to meet their spouse. A big plus is that getting in personal contact with women is easy here. Another plus is your reasonable price. I know that running such professional and secure site is an expensive endeavour but nevertheless your prices are fair. Keep up the great work you do! I will be happy to recommend your site!

Chris D.
March  2010, GenerationLove Review

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