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You always ask for reviews or suggestions about what could be done better. I can't say anything negative about the dating site GenerationLove is also very fair. If some claim that the women on GenerationLove, who are looking for a spouce, are fake and the pictures or the appearance are not real...  they are welcome to contact me. I will tell them the opposite. I have been to Ukraine 3 times and photos always matched the reality. And I can only say positive things about the local dating agency in Ukraine.

Here is how I did my dating search: First I just check pictures with the face, then the dating profile description. In general I clicked away all women with bikini and open shirts. I think you shouldn't go just by the look. Certainly a woman should look good, but for me character come first. What I liked about R., for example, was that her pictures were mixed professional and private. She also sent me private pictures without me asking for it. Furthermore, I also got private pictures of her as a proof that she received my gifts. In addition, I saw her in the GenerationLove video chat. We want to meet this year, but Corona makes everything difficult. However, I hope that I too can write a positive success story with a happy ending.

Maybe I should write how I found the online dating site It saw a documentary about GenerationLove in television. But “Dream Woman wanted” was not for me. But I learned from it how not to behave towards women from Eastern Europe.

I wish you a nice evening.

Kind regards Friedrich A. Review, July 2021

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