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GenerationLove Experience - Wedding from Elena & Udo

With your help, I have found true happiness
Success story

Thank you GenerationLove! With your help I found the love of my life. One night I got idea I could search for my spouce in the Internet. I had heard that many good Ukrainian women are seeking for a partner. So I entered "Women from Ukraine" in my search engine, finding GenerationLove in my results. I immediately searched the Internet to see if I had found a dating site I can trust. Only positive reviews about GenerationLove showed up. I signed up right away and was quite surprised to find so many profiles of pretty women. One day later, I received a letter from Elena. I answered, and fortune took its course. We wrote each other numerous very pleasant letters. Soon I felt as if I had known her for a long time.
Success story
Two months later we decided I was going to visit her in Ukraine. When we met for the first time, we immediately felt attracted to each other.
I stayed with her for one week. As she didn't speak German and I didn't speak Russian, translator Katarina, who speaks both, helped us tremendously to understand each other. We spent a marvelous time and decided that Elena will come visit me in Germany.
Success story
Endless waiting began, which we bridged by writing and phoning each other daily. Finally the day came. Six weeks later, I could finally take her  into my arms again at the airport. We spent four very happy weeks, which went by immensely fast. We had come to know each other so intensely that we were planning our wedding now.

10 weeks later, the day had came: Elena arrived back in Germany, and we had all the documents needed for our wedding. We were married on August 25, 2017.

After 10 more weeks, she traveled back to Ukraine to have her passports altered, while I took care of the German legal formalities. Another unending 8 weeks went by until I took off for the 2800 km (1740 miles) to Ukraine in my own car. We spent 4 days with her family in her home country. Then we went back home to my house, where we live happy together now.

Kind regards, Udo
Experience with GenerationLove, 2017

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