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Success story

They had met each other through the online dating service She is from Mariupol, Ukraine, and he is from Austria. At this time Yana neither did know English nor German, but it did not stop them from communication and meeting each other over one year. All started with a casual correspondence, and at that time they could not imagine how lucky they would be together. Both were alone but they dreamed and believed to find their soulmate. This their testimonial.

Ronald’s story: I decided to win her heart… 

I want to tell you my happy story about meeting with an amazing woman. Her name is Yana. When I saw her beautiful blue eyes last year I understood that was the happiest day of my life. I decided that I want to see this beautiful woman and win her heart!  When we meet it was a great chemistry and we felt very good in each other’s company, almost like we were meant to be together. We had several meeting and decided to be a couple, and just wanted to spend as much time together as possible. Her son is a great boy and we have very good relations with him!

Yana’s experience report: our story with Ronald seems like a fairy tale…

I am sure that every woman deserves the happiness of being with the man of her dreams. The main thing is to believe in your fortune and trust to your heart. Our story with Ronald seems like a fairy tale, in which I live in reality now.

We met on the dating site GenerationLove last year. All started with a casual correspondence, I could not imagine how lucky I would be to meet such a man. Ronald is from Austria. He is well educated, attentive, caring, loving and sincere man. At the time of our meeting, I did know neither English nor German, but it did not stop us from communicating and meeting each other. We liked each other and my heart told me that he was my other half.
Success story
I am very happy with Ronald, with him I feel like a queen with her beloved king living in a fairy tale. Ronald gave me opportunities to see the world differently, he started a new page in my life and I feel happy with him. He took several trips to Ukraine to see me, so we could get to know each other better. We traveled around my country. I visited his beautiful country too! I felt his care and attention. We are getting married soon and be the happiest couple on the Earth!

Our wishes

We want to wish good luck to everyone who is looking for his or her soulmate. Love is the biggest gift you can have in your life. I am grateful to this site for giving me a chance to be happy!!!!!!!! Ladies, be feminine and do not be afraid to show your care. We hope everyone on this site will be able to find soul mate and will feel as happy as we do. Remember all things are possible for those who believe!

Yana and Ronald, Austria testimonial

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