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GenerationLove Testimonial - Tehmine & Mike's Wedding

Hello, my name is Tehmine. I am from Armenia. And Mike is from Germany. We are very grateful for the dating site GenerationLove and thankful for this wonderful work! Most of all I would like to thank the Armenian branch for all encouragement and professional support.

Our first Meeting

After meeting my dear Mike on GenerationLove the world changed for me. After some ´, Mike decided to come to Armenia. I was so happy when he sent me the dates of his arrival.

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We were looking forward to our first meeting and seeing each other’s eyes. I was the happiest woman of the world when I saw Mike from far at the airport and when he smiled and waved. I will never forget those magic moments...

Our Wedding

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Yesterday we got married and had a wonderful wedding. My husband Mike and I are very thankful. Now we are very happy. We wish that everyone would get happy as we are.

All the beauty of our letters became reality. I am sure that our happiness will be everlasting...Success story

GenerationLove testimonial from Mike and Tehmine

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