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GenerationLove Testimonial - Tehmine & Mike's Wedding

Hello, my name is Tehmine. I am from Armenia. And Mike is from Germany. We are very grateful for the dating site GenerationLove and thankful for this wonderful work! Most of all I would like to thank the Armenian branch for all encouragement and professional support.

Success story

Our first Meeting

After meeting my dear Mike on GenerationLove the world changed for me. After some ´, Mike decided to come to Armenia. I was so happy when he sent me the dates of his arrival.

Success story

We were looking forward to our first meeting and seeing each other’s eyes. I was the happiest woman of the world when I saw Mike from far at the airport and when he smiled and waved. I will never forget those magic moments...

Success story

Our Wedding

Yesterday we got married and had a wonderful wedding. My husband Mike and I are very thankful. Now we are very happy. We wish that everyone would get happy as we are.

All the beauty of our letters became reality. I am sure that our happiness will be everlasting...

 Success story

GenerationLove testimonial from Mike and Tehmine

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