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GenerationLove is one of the most popular dating agencies in Eastern Europe. We have been successfully bringing couples together for many years now. Thousands of couples have found love. There are many good reasons why our dating service is immensely popular among thousands of men and women. You get high quality at a fair price and only pay for the services you actually use. There is no contract and no subscription.

Simply register on GenerationLove and start searching for partners. Registration is free and takes no longer than 1 minute. Find out here what happens after your registration and what you can expect from GenerationLove.

1. Registration

Registration is quick and easy and without any obligations. Click on "Become a member" to register. There are just a few details to enter, and then you’re ready to start searching for partners. It goes without saying that we will treat your data confidentially.

To complete your registration, you will need to confirm your e-mail address. To do so, you’ll receive an e-mail from us containing a confirmation link. By confirming your e-mail address we can ensure that nobody else is using your e-mail address and that you will not receive any unwanted e-mails.

Note: If you do not receive our e-mail, please check your spam folder. To ensure that you receive or e-mails, please mark the sender address as a “trusted sender”. You can find out more information on this from your e-mail provider.

2. Create an attractive profile

After registering for free, you can create your personal profile. Bear in mind that your profile is the first impression of you that other members will get. With a good and honest personality profile, you will increase your chances of meeting your dream woman or dream man! And make sure to add some good pictures of yourself to your profile. Members with photos get considerably more responses and have greater chances of success in their search for a partner.

We check every profile and photo manually. As soon as your profile has been published, it will appear at the top of the search results and can easily be noticed by women as a new profile.

3. Browse through partner suggestions – meet other singles

Immediately after registering, you may start your search and browse thousands of profiles. Age or size – with the "Search" function, you can narrow your partner suggestions according to your wishes. Mark particularly attractive profiles as "Favorites" so that you can easily find them again.

4. Get active!

If you like someone, let that person know. Don’t wait for the right partner to find you – take the initiative. Show interest, give a charming compliment, write a personal message or send a gift: GenerationLove offers you plenty of opportunities to get in touch with other members.

5. Benefit from the GenerationLove principle!

Translation of a letter

GenerationLove offers women a safe and secure environment to allow them to find a life partner using the Internet. combines the possibilities of online dating with individual consultation. Women who publishes a personal ad on GenerationLove have the possibility to receive assistance in her search for a partner by a local dating agency. To be able to publish a personal ad on GenerationLove, women prove their identity with a copy of their passport and agree to the GenerationLove code of conduct. Every woman is therefore known personally. The women will receive extensive support in their search for partners, from protection of their privacy and a translation service to preparations for a first personal meeting.

6. Communication without language barriers

Are you experiencing language barriers in communicating with women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries? We can help with the translation! All women on GenerationLove will receive help with translation from a local dating agency. Translation of letters is free of charge for you.

7. Write and read letters

Letters are the best way to start communicating with other people. Men only pay for letters that they open and letters that they send. Letters are free of charge for women.

For letters you send or open to read, we charge so-called Credits. However, there are letters free of charge, too, which will be marked accordingly.

8. Credit Refunds

If as a man you are interested in a woman, but do not receive an answer to your first letter to her, we will of course refund the Credits charged for this letter 100%. If you have opened letters from this woman before sending your first, we will even refund 100% of the Credits spent for these letters you have read. Read more

If a woman does not open and read one or more of the letters you have sent her, you will of course receive an automatic 100% Credit refund for these unopened letters. Read more

You can find the exact terms and conditions for Credit refunds on our FAQ/Help page.

9. Personal Meeting

Because trust is the key to the heart, give your desired dream partner time to develop trust. Men often think that nothing is more personal than immediately giving women their own telephone number or e-mail address. But be warned – this is a fallacy! Women in particular find it uncomfortable to be put under pressure to hastily give up the protective anonymity offered by online dating. Women find it just as rude to be flooded with contact details.

To protect women, part of the GenerationLove principle is that a woman can decide for herself when she is ready to start direct personal communication. For this reason, and to ensure that a woman does not feel forced, it is not possible for a man to send his own contact details to the woman. After first getting acquainted with woman, you can discuss with her how you would like to continue your correspondence. As a rule at GenerationLove, a “first acquaintance” means that the man must have read at least eight letters from a woman before he can ask her for her private contact information.

10. Personal meeting

A personal meeting is worth more than a thousand words! That’s why we encourage all men not to wait too long to organise a visit with a woman. A prerequisite for organising a visit is that the woman must always agree to a meeting! To protect women, the GenerationLove rules of “first meetings” apply here; a man must have read at least eight letters from a woman before a personal meeting can be considered.

GenerationLove provides support in planning and preparing the trip locally through the supporting local dating agencies. The local dating agencies will provide you with support on request, e.g. by picking you up from the airport or by booking accommodation. To protect the woman, the first personal meeting is always accompanied by the supporting dating agency. Just like the woman, the man must also prove his identity with his passport beforehand. If the first personal meeting does not live up to expectations, the man also has the option of meeting other women during his visit.

You can find more answers to your questions in our Frequently asked questions. You can also read the GenerationLove experiences to find out what other users say about GenerationLove.